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Our principles

The collaboration with our customers and our colleagues is based on principles, which are deeply rooted in our corporate culture. These values form the foundation of our business philosophy and significantly contribute to the sustainable success of both our business and that of our customers.

1.    The customer comes first

The interest of our customers is ENMON’s top priority. It is our aspiration to provide our clients with the best products and services in the industry. Without exceptions.

2.    Innovation

We remain market leader by continuously searching for new and better ways to offer the best products with the best price/performance ratio to our customers.

3.    Respect

A respectful and humble attitude towards our customers, business partners, suppliers and colleagues is the cornerstone for a successful collaboration at ENMON. An international community is an integral part of our business’ success. 

4.    Honesty

We value and reward honesty and character. This is the only way we can foster a strong community and continuously improve ourselves. 

5.    Sustainability 

We feel responsible for the way our products are being produced as this has a large impact on our environment over the long run. ENMON has the objective to act as responsible as possible with regards to the impact of our business on people, animals and nature.